About Us

With a move as bold as establishing one's own brand in a market of key players, Colors mobile amongst many virtues is a pioneer. With perseverance and instrumental innovations, Colors mobile has this date established itself as Nepal’s leading mobile brand – a brand so pervasive that one cannot miss it.

Creators of methodology, carvings of design, pioneers of innovation, pinnacle of panache, sleek to bold – Colors Mobile caters to all demographics. With features as competitive as the leading mobile brands of the world, we give our customers a competitive edge via affordability. From user experiences ranging from cutting high end technology to basic requirements (2G, 3G, and 4G), Colors mobile brings alive the latest trend in the industry.

Come Alive

As technology changes one's experience of the world, Colors is proud to be a part of that experience for you. Today a mobile device is more than a communication need, it’s a statement. Colors mobile strives to be your statement.

Come alive as you dive into the Colors experience. We assure, our phones will make you reimagine the possibilities. From communication, digital identity, office dexterity, to capturing that special moment— Colors excels in all.

Colors does what it does best, bring alive new products, technology and community to make a new you alive. Why wait? Come alive with Colors and enliven your world. Go ahead! Make your statement!